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Independent Science Panel

The Independent Science Panel:

  • Provides advice on knowledge gaps, science priorities and delivery associated with the overall implementation of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2013 (Reef Plan).
  • Conducts scientific reviews of Reef Plan activities and initiatives, including annual and other reports, and makes specific recommendations about the direction, content and details of future activities.
  • Provides timely independent scientific advice and review to ensure Reef Plan implementation, monitoring and reporting:
    • is scientifically defensible and achievable
    • is being undertaken in a scientifically credible and cost-effective manner
    • has been designed, implemented and managed according to best scientific and environmental standards
    • will utilise contemporary, fit-for-purpose methods of data collection, quality assurance and statistical methodologies
    • has processes in place to effectively integrate the various Program activities (and where appropriate other related activities)
    • will communicate the findings in a timely and appropriate manner to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Provides advice on the possible inclusion of new and innovative methods to support monitoring and reporting activities.


The Independent Science Panel has a skills-based membership that may include up to seven members, including an independent chair, with expertise in the following areas:

  • agronomic and landscape processes
  • marine and freshwater biochemistry, ecology and modelling
  • resource management, water quality and ecosystem health target-setting and monitoring
  • information integration, synthesis, reporting and communication
  • social and economic methodologies.

The Reef Plan Secretariat, based in the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet, provides secretariat support.

Last updated:
9 January, 2015
Last reviewed:
14 July, 2011

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