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Second Report Card (2010)

The Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Reef Plan) Second Report Card measures progress from the 2009 baseline towards Reef Plan’s goals and targets. It assesses the combined results of all Reef Plan actions up to June 2010.

The Second Report Card was produced as part of the Paddock to Reef program.

Information about how the key indicators were measured can be found in the Methods section.

Key findings

Overall progress towards Reef Plan targets has been encouraging; however it will take time for these achievements to translate into improved marine conditions.

Key results include:

  • The condition of the marine environment remained moderate overall in 2009-2010. This ranking comprises moderate scores for water quality and coral and a poor score for seagrass, which has declined during the past four years.
  • Overall, across the Great Barrier Reef region, there has been good progress by land managers towards Reef Plan targets. Twenty per cent of sugarcane growers, 11% of graziers, and 18% of horticulture producers have adopted improved land management practices.
  • Estimated average annual pollutant loads entering the reef have reduced – nitrogen by four per cent, phosphorus by 2%, sediment by 2% and pesticides by 8%.
  • Loss of wetlands and riparian areas has slowed in recent years.

Second Report Card

Regional results


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27 August, 2014
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1 July, 2013

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