Upper Johnstone Integrated Project

The four-year (2018–22) Upper Johnstone Integrated Project, funded through the Queensland Government’s Natural Resources Investment Program and led by Terrain Natural Resource Management (Terrain NRM) is a collaboration with local government, industry groups, landholders and Traditional Owners. This project is working with graziers and targeting erosion hotspots in creek and river systems flowing into the Johnstone River. The Upper Johnstone Integrated Project has a large education component, including community workshops and on-farm extension work to better equip landholders to implement practice change.

Terrain NRM’s Sediment Program leader Jen Mackenzie, highlights key outcomes: “With every workshop we are providing information on ways to sustainably manage the land, helping landholders to interpret scientific principles sitting behind practice changes and getting them in contact with others who might be further along the road than they are”. She also noted that demand had been so high for the project’s initial grazier workshops on soil health and grazing practice changes, that extra sessions were organised. The project has supported re-shaping gullies, fencing off eroded streambank areas, installing off-stream watering points for cattle, revegetation work and weed management - all simple practices to stop early stages of erosion.

Other social outcomes are being achieved with Ms Mackenzie reporting: “Graziers are telling us they appreciate having a better understanding of the science behind pasture management as it helps them see why they are having good and bad results, and what changes are needed”. This points to increased knowledge but also potential to remove specific practice change barriers.

For more information on the project, please visit the Terrain NRM website.