The five-year Reef 2050 Water Quality Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2017-2022 (PDF, 1.4MB) (RDI Strategy) is a joint action of the Queensland and Australian governments to support and direct the following objectives:

  • achieve the targets and objectives of the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan
  • prioritise the knowledge needs identified through the 2017 Scientific Consensus Statement and stakeholder consultation
  • encourage increased collaboration, innovation, knowledge creation and knowledge implementation.

Given the increased urgency for improving water quality for the Reef – with regards to the back-to-back bleaching events and severe cyclones – the vision for this RDI Strategy is to ensure that knowledge creation through research and development is focused, practical and readily implemented into policy, programs and on-ground management to get the most effective outcomes in the most efficient way.

Research programs

The Scientific Consensus Statement and RDI Strategy inform the work of many Great Barrier Reef research programs.

They include: