Reef report cards

Photograph of a diver assessing the reef

Diver assessing the reef

The Great Barrier Reef report card measures progress towards the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan targets, objectives and long-term outcome.The information in these reports determines the success of actions and identifies whether further measures need to be taken to address water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

Report Card 2016, released in October 2017, shows better targeting of investment is resulting in less pollution flowing to the reef. It assesses the reported results of all Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2013 actions up to June 2016.

Report Card 2015, released in October 2016, shows some positive progress towards the targets but more effort is needed. It assesses the reported results of all Reef Plan actions up to June 2015.

Report Card 2014, released in September 2015, shows landholders are continuing to help protect the Great Barrier Reef by reducing pollutant loads entering the reef. It assesses the combined results of all Reef Plan actions up to June 2014.

Report Card 2012 and 2013, released in June 2014, shows positive trends in land management practice change are translating into reductions of key pollutants.

Report Card 2011, released in July 2013, confirms that management change and water quality improvements are on a positive trajectory.

The Second Report Card (2010), released in April 2013, showed encouraging progress towards achieving Reef Plan’s goals and targets. It measures progress from the 2009 baseline up to June 2010.

The First Report Card (2009 Baseline), released in August 2011, provided the baseline.

Information about how the key indicators were measured can be found in the methods section along with information about the scoring system.

Last updated
14 February 2019